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Do you have a fabric catalogue?
Yes! We actually offer FREE fabric swatch books for first orders. Please note that only the regularly stocked fabrics will be included in the said swatch book. Please continue to visit our website for other fabric options.

Do you have cotton fabrics?
Yes we definitely have them. Ninety percent of the fabrics we use is actually made of 100% cotton so they're comfortable to wear. Some are even non-iron which are ideal for customers who travel a lot. We also have two-ply fabrics.

Do you have non-cotton fabrics?
Yes, we have Linen and Spandex (Lycra) materials. Should you want other fabrics, we can have our production team get them however we might require minimum order.

What if my shirt shrinks?
All our fabrics are pre-shrunk. Although there might be a residual shrinkage, this is considered already when we make your shirt. Our fabrics comply with ITF standards that require cotton fabrics to shrink less than 2%.

Do you have fabric care tips?
Please feel free to click here to see how you can care for your shirts.

How can I measure myself to ensure a perfect fit shirt?
Please use our measurement guide to create your body or shirt profile.

Why is neck collar height not being asked during signup?
We use the standard size for neck collar height. You may however indicate on the notes section of your account profile should you have specific requirements.

The button for the neck seems to be of different size.
We use standard 18mm buttons. If it's button down or hidden, the button on the collar would be smaller which would be 12mm.

If I decrease shoulder measurement by some inches, do I need to compensate for the sleeve length?
No need. Just follow our measurement guide.

When ordering shirts with french cuffs/convertible cuffs, should I provide a measurement that is slightly longer so that the sleeve is produced properly?
You need not provide a longer sleeve length for the cuff. Just enter your regular body measurements as per our measurement guide on our site.

My height is 5'11" but the space for the height requires 2 digit number in inches. What is it?
All the measures required in the website (except for weight which could be in lbs or kg) are either in inches or cm. Please convert accordingly. One foot is equal to 12 inches. Thus, your height of 5'11" is 71 inches. Should you wish to convert this to cm, just multiply inches by 2.54cm. In this case, your height is also equivalent to 180.34cm.

I entered my neck size as 20 1/2 ? but the system says “Please enter correct collar”. I'm sure it is correct! Help?
Our system only accepts decimals for fractions. In this case, please enter 20.5. For whole numbers, you may omit the decimal and it shall still be accepted, i.e. 20 and 20.0 are both acceptable.

How much adjustment from the shirt measurements should I expect on the finished product?
Our tolerance of production (cutting commitment) is based on international standards.

Chest/Waist/Hip (+/-) 2cm
Shirt length (+/-) 2cm
Sleeve length (+/-) 1cm
Shoulder (+/-) 1cm
Cuff (+/-) 1cm
Armhole (+/-) 2cm

I have some special requirements for my shirt. Will you be able to accommodate them?
Please send us a detailed description of your special requirements at mr.suitsglobal@yahoo.com. It would be best if you provide a photo or sketch of the style you wish to have. Should your request be of additional cost to us, we will send you a quote for it. The said requirements should be entered in the Notes once you place your order.

Can you help me design a shirt? I'm not so sure what would suit me.
Yes we can! We do offer some fashion advise or tips to customers so you can get the best value for your money.

Do you provide spare buttons?
Yes, we do.

Can you duplicate the fit of my favorite dress shirt?
Yes. If you go to Design My Shirt, you will start designing your dress shirt. The measurements tab will give you the option of measuring an existing shirt. Simply choose Shirt Measurements and you will be given instructions on how to measure an existing dress shirt, so we can duplicate the fit.

How can I pay for my order?
We accept Paypal, GoogleCheckout and all major credit cards.

Is my personal information secure?
Yes, we use the latest technology to ensure your personal information is secure. Your details are encrypted in our database. Rest assured, we will do our best to keep our customers' information confidential.

I only see fabric costs on the website. How much is the actual shirt?
The fabric costs are the actual prices of the shirts. Should you have special requirements, you might be asked to pay extra for them.

Will you charge more for long sleeves than short sleeves?

Can I cancel my order after I make a payment?
You may cancel your order so long as it is in "Awaiting Payment", "Payment Completed" or "Order Review" status. Those in "Payment Completed" and "Order Review" can be fully refunded. Orders in "In Production" or "In Transit" can no longer be cancelled. You may see the status of your order when you login to your control panel.

Are there any taxes or duties for customs?
There is an exemption quota in most countries that allows some merchandise, depending on the value of the package, to be received free from taxes and duties. The exemption quota varies from country to country. For countries like United States, Australia, New Zealand, France, and UK, packages are received free of taxes and duties when the value does not exceed USD 200. For other countries, please check with your local customs office. The customer is always responsible for any possible taxes and duties.

I received a fabric/order review from you. The email says that the fabric I chose is no longer available. How can I get a refund?
You may choose two fabrics as alternatives for the fabric that you previously chose. However, if the other fabrics didn't interest you, please send us an email at mr.suitsglobal@yahoo.com so we can issue a refund.

Do you accept large orders?
Unfortunately, we only allow maximum of ___ shirts per order. Should you wish to order in bulk, you may contact our affiliate mr.suitsglobal@yahoo.com of your specifications and an account manager will attend to you the soonest.


How soon can I get the shirt I just purchased?
Please allow maximum lead time of 21 business days upon receipt of payment. Please note that if your order has been moved to Order Review (usually because of incorrect measurements entered), the expected delivery date will be moved as well. We will do our best to deliver on your expected delivery dates but we cannot guarantee this. We shall send you an update with the corresponding tracking number via email once the item has been shipped.

I wish to change my shipping address. How can I do that?
Please send an email to mr.suitsglobal@yahoo.com so we can change it for you. However, if we have already sent your shipment to your initial indicated address, this can no longer be changed. Once the said package is returned to us, you will need to shoulder the shipping cost to your updated address.

I was not around when the item was delivered. Can you re-send the package to me when it has been returned to you?
We strongly advise that you or someone should be around to receive the package. It would be best if you can contact the nearest post office to check if the package is still with them. If they confirm that the package is on its way to us, we will re-send it to you the soonest we receive them. Please note that you will need to shoulder the shipping cost for returned packages.

How much is your shipping fee?

Shipping is FREE worldwide! However, we shall send you an invoice for shipping in case your order was returned and needs to be re-shipped to you.


What is your return policy?
In case of issues or complaints of workmanship, you can contact us via email within 2 weeks after delivery of the goods. After that date, we shall not entertain any complaints anymore. If you are returning a shirt due to a fault, or you believe it has not been made to the specification given by you, we will remake a new shirt to the correct specifications at no extra cost. You will first need to send us photos of the incorrect measures for further investigation. Please note that we follow the international standards for tolerance of production and our fabrics comply with ITF standards that require cotton fabrics to shrink less than 2%. However, if incorrect measurements are supplied to us, we will remake the shirt at 10% or $10 off the original price, whichever is lower.

I have already placed an order however I realize that one of the measures is incorrect. How can I have this changed?
You can change the measures yourself if the status of your order is ORDER REVIEW. If it has already been changed to IN PRODUCTION, it means that the measures are acceptable and the fabrics have been cut. Extra charges shall apply if this is the case.

I received my order and I'm very pleased with the quality of the fabric and the work of the tailor. I have one problem though - the shirt is too loose on the waist but I believe this may be due to the measurements I submitted. How can I have this altered?
We're sorry but we do not offer alterations. We can remake the shirt though at 10% or $10 off, whichever is lower.

I ordered a standard size shirt but it still is too tight. Can I have this replaced?
We strongly advise customers to check their measures first against the measures in our size chart to prevent such returns. You may return the item to us provided that it still isn't washed, then we'll replace it with a bigger size. You will however need to shoulder the replacement fee of $10 plus shipping fees. If the size that you have received is our biggest size already, we recommend that you submit your shirt profile so we can create a custom shirt for you instead.