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Finding the perfect outfit for certain occasions, especially formal ones, has definitely been a challenge for most men. Most men just don't have the basic knowledge and understanding when it comes to fashion and dressing properly. And that burden becomes even more challenging for big and tall men. Most clothing stores and boutiques just do not meet the needs of men of bigger sizes.

Aside from the obvious, which is the size and fit, there are other factors adding to the burden of big and tall men when they go shopping for new clothes. One is the lack in variety of available items. There is just a limited number of brands that can cater to the needs and wants of the larger men. So most of the time, it's the same old style and cut of shirts and pants. Also the fact that more materials are used in making clothes for big and tall men, it's not surprising that they become more expensive.

But that is not a problem with Mr. Suit, an online custom tailor that caters to bigger and taller men. Mr. Suit offers only high-quality and affordable formal wears for men of larger sizes. From dress shirts, pants and suits, this custom tailor is ready to custom made your formal wears that will not only fit you perfectly, but also look great on you.

Unlike other online dress shops, Mr. Suit not only sell you men's dress shirts, pants and suits, but also guides you every step of the way when trying to get that perfect formal attire. From measurements to professional style guides, this online custom tailor is there for you.

And with a very wide array of fabrics and styles to choose from, you are always sure that you will get something new and unique from Mr. Suit. Using the Control Panel, you get to decide how you outfit will look like: materials, measurements, accessories and all. You are your own tailor and stylist, and Mr. Suit is just here to guide you.

Lastly, Mr. Suit men's formal wear for big and tall men is very affordable, unlike the competition. We offer only the best and high-quality products, done by experienced craftsmen without burning a hole on your pockets. And with the Weekly Fabric Sale, you get to own your own custom-made shirts, pants and suits for even more affordable prices.

So what else are you waiting for? Visit Mr. Suit at http://mrsuit.com/ and finally get that perfect formal look for all important formal occasions.